Why take a COT test?

Posted on 24/9/2021

Learn why you might test and what your results may mean for you.

Our Cortisol Over Time (COT) test provides a wealth of information about how your lifestyle may be affecting your long-term inner health such as how stress may be affecting you, your immunity, fertility, brain health and biological wellness.

Your COT test does this by assessing levels of cortisol that have accumulated in your hair over the last three months. This gives you a story of your inner health – not just a snapshot – by assessing what’s been going on inside your body over time.

There are many reasons you might take a COT test and why you take a test will depend on your personal health goal. Whatever your goal we’re here to help you reach it.

There are two broad reasons you might want to test:

Prevention – Know how your lifestyle may be affecting you on the inside.

You might be doing a COT test as part of a regular check-up to prevent illness. Your lifestyle plays a crucial role in how your body fights off illness, disease and your likelihood of developing conditions throughout your life.

By tracking your main lifestyle hormone over time, you can identify if you need to make changes to your lifestyle to prevent yourself from developing conditions now and in the future.

Optimisation – Become the best version of you.

You might be doing a COT test to help optimise your inner health. By tracking your main lifestyle hormone over time, you can identify if your body’s systems are functioning optimally giving you the insights you need to become the best version of you.

What can a COT test show?

Your COT test can tell you a lot about your health:

  • Show you how optimal your lifestyle is for your inner health
  • Provide you with an indication of underlying health conditions
  • Help you to keep track and minimise your risk of developing long-term health conditions.

What might my results show?

Your COT test results will be ready within 7-10 days of us receiving your sample at our laboratory. We will send you an email when your results are ready and which will be available through your dashboard.

Some people may be nervous about getting results about their inner health.

If you are nervous about testing, you should prepare yourself for the possibility of getting a suboptimal result. If your COT results are suboptimal this may indicate that changes to your lifestyle may be necessary. Or, you may have an underlying health condition which you should speak to your doctor about.

Things you might do to prepare for your test result

  • Talk to your friends and family about your how you are feeling
  • Try and see it as an opportunity to improve your inner health
  • Think about the lifestyle choices you could make to improve your test results
  • Contact us for support
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