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Posted on 24/9/2021

We’re changing the way you test and understand your inner health. Learn about our mission and beliefs.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

By regular testing and knowing your inner health – you can change your lifestyle for the better, leading to improved health now and prevention of illness in the future.

  • Average life expectancy in the UK is 79
  • Around 20% of a person’s life will be spent in poor health
  • Approximately 80% of chronic illnesses can be prevented through early lifestyle changes

Whatever your health goal or motivation, we want to support you on your journey to better health.

What we believe

Understanding your inner health is the first step towards improved wellness and longevity.

Understanding what’s really going on inside your body is the first step towards making simple lifestyle changes that work for you, which over time lead to improved wellness and longevity.

The key to improved health is to know what’s happening inside your body over time, not just a snapshot.

Short-term changes to your lifestyle are unlikely to improve your health in the longer term. We believe the key to improved health is when healthy lifestyle changes occur over time and are maintained through regular testing.

Prevention should be proactive, not reactive.

We believe prevention is better than cure.

And that people shouldn't need a symptom before they test their health. By providing people with health insights before people experience symptoms or become unwell, we want to empower and help people to take control of their health now, and in the future.

Your genes are not your destiny.

Whatever your health goals, your genes and lifestyle play a big part in your health status throughout your life. However your genes are not your destiny and knowing how your lifestyle is impacting you over time gives you control over your inner health.

We want to empower you with better health now, and in the future.

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